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Memento Mori
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12.31.30 - WELCOME!
Best Friends

This is going to be random but...
I am the_fucking Mitsuru Kirijo of Livejournal!

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08.10.15 - HELLO
Best Friends

Hello! So I'm in the college library perusing the cool room, net connection, electric socket for my phone's charging... LOL, it's so GOOD to be back!

Classes start October though. I'm simply processing papers, like a request for my True Copy of Grades, and my letter to the Dean indicating my return to schooling this semester.

Still have 2 months of true vacation! I'M REALLY FEELING IT!

08.30.13 - HI JOSH
Souji Cat
welcome broshy
08.20.13 - Well, hello!
Souji Cat
Give me a hi, everyone! Just a final push for me to get on back here again. I miss you! How are you?

I miss you too Livejournal. Sanctuary. Safe haven. Keep. Hold. Castle. Holder of myself.

We are together again, and I'm glad. Let's keep on working hard keeping myself transcribed... starting tomorrow, ehehe.
12.29.12 - stamp/ede
Best Friends
So I have recently discovered stamps and communities recently and I had to try it out. here are my stamps!


Which band would I fit in?

I would fit in with Naruto and Kakashi's band!
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12.16.12 - Hello.
Souji Cat
I've just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. (Thank you, Sara, for lending so many books. I intend to read them within the break.)

Chocolate cake is inherently good.

New LJ interface. Impression: spacy. Reaction: dislike. But then this is just me and my dislike of things I do not know or am not accustomed to.

I want to replay Final Fantasy again. Which is sad because I grew up playing these games, playing them makes me feel nostalgic, they always play the same so I get bored, but I miss them again...

This is a random post. I should get back to blogging again. I want to!

Being a hermit is nice and cozy. Connecting with only the necessary people is more expedient and fulfilling than being open to all, hoping for interaction all the time.

Cinnamon (our pet Shih tzu-slash-Terrier) is so cute. :o3 Dog eyes are so endearing.
Souji Cat
I've been making peace in my life and trying to tie up loose ends. Everyone has their time on my list.

I'm progressing well.


Today, the Swiftie/Swifter (I prefer the latter) fanbase celebrates Taylor's third full-length album: "Speak Now".

Did you know that the album we know now as "Speak Now" was planned to be titled "Enchanted"? She meant for it to be the title track -- the album's star -- originally. This explains why "Enchanted" as a song is so grand and memorable, and why "Enchanted" on the US leg of her Speak Now World Tour had the grandest and longest production. I agree with what her record label president said, that "Enchanted" as a title would only reflect "Fearless" and not accurately portray the progress she's made from the previous album (Fearless).

I've played the whole length of "Speak Now" today in commemoration of its commercial release. I love the music. I love her. I love what art she has, she had, and she will have (most probably). Though I can't relate to most messages and situations, I have the creative mind to instead draw emotional messages and empathize from those. This is why I love Taylor Alison Swift.

Who should be renamed Taylor Arson Swift. In her song "Red", off the newly-released album of the same title, she sings, "burning him was red." No jest, that's what I and a couple of other people hear.

The new album "Red" is full of surprises. 6 tracks were either duets or co-composed. Taylor retains her originality, auto-biographical songwriting, and musical flair while boldly stepping out of her comfort zone, the country genre, and into the pop scene.

Here's a picture of my dear wife.

Taylor Swift

Absolutely stunning. Such an angel. (By the way, her music video for Begin Again has been released on YouTube Vevo. Also, this is a hilarious video in which an awkward dude uses Tay's lyrics as pick-up lines.)

The Red era has begun on October 22. I'm still transitioning, I believe, from "Speak Now" to "Red". But there's no real transition, is there? The Swifter in me would always have "Speak Now" and all her previous work, whether released or unreleased, within me. Guiding me, being with me, and resonating to and fro forms would her songs be in my head.

"Red" is so much more mature. She accounts for her actions, takes responsibility and actually apologizes. She chastises herself, too, especially evident on the single "I Knew You Were Trouble." She has matured.

I've matured. I've been resonating between my previous selves and my present ones. I've gone a long way. And I will continue to stride great distances. With hope, great literature, good food, family, faith, and friends with me on my journey, I am unstoppable.

Best Friends

Pretty much sums up what I'm feeling and thinking right now. Beautiful, meaningful song.

Deep and relatable lyrics follow.Collapse )
Best Friends

Have a Merry Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year, everyone!
Best Friends
What's the best new game of 2010?

It's Final Fantasy XIII for me. The graphics, gameplay was awesome. Sure, it was a bit too linear for an FF game, but it got my attention for a solid 60 hours. I intend to add on hours to that. : )
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